February 10, 2012- Friday morning at 6:37 A.M. West Nyack FD (Dept 24) was dispatched to stand by 9-100 (New City Fire Department) with one pumper as they were operating at a structure fire at 6 Woodglen Drive. Second Assistant Chief Brian Leitner (24-3) and 24-1750 (1992 Pierce Pumper) responded within a few minutes of the dispatch. While they were standing by at 9-100, 9-Command requested them to the scene. When the crew from department 24 was on scene they were requested to bring a line to the basement to hit any hot spots and overhaul. Shortly thereafter, West Nyack FD was sent on a Signal-14. A Signal-14 is when a unit is told to return or is returning to quarters. 24-1750 was back in quarters and in service shortly after. Other Mutual Aid was also requested to the scene: Congers FD (Dept 3), Hillcrest FD (Dept 6), Nanuet FD (Dept 8) and West Haverstraw FD (Dept 23) and Haverstraw (Dept 4) to stand by at 9-100.

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January 20, 2012 - At 4:30 P.M. Friday afternoon West Nyack FD was dispatched to a Signal-18 vehicle leaking fluids in the roadway at the intersection of Snake Hill Rd and Palisades Center Drive. A Signal-18 is when there is any kind of hazardous material involved. Second Assistant Chief Brian Leitner (24-3) signed in service within seconds of the dispatch. 44-Control (Dispatch Center) radioed to 24-3 informing him that it is a multiple car accident and police is on scene advising a fully involved car fire. Then they also stated that there were no people in the car. A few minutes later firefighter Brian Cicero signed 24-Tanker (2008 KME first due pumper) in service. 24-3 then signed on scene and established command. 24-3 then gave orders to 24-Tanker to stretch the front pre-connect. Firefighter Dan Decort and Pete Rice, stretch the line to the fire. 24-1750 (1992 Pierce Pumper) signed on scene and were request to stage behind 24-Tanker. The crew of the 1750 which included Lieutenant Kevin Leitner (24-7) and firefighter Robert Hoeneveld and the two other firefighters on the Tanker, Damien Shea and Mike Aharoni, forced the hood, trunks, and doors to the cars. After the fire was extinguished Chief Leitner transmitted a Signal-11. A Signal-11 means the situation is under control. Few minutes later 24-3 terminated command and sent all units back to quarters. All units were back in quarters and in service within 40 minutes of the original dispatch.

Car Fire
Intersection of Snake Hill Road and Palisades Center Drive 1/20/12

New City Structure Fire
Mutual Aid
6 Woodglen Drive 2/10/12

Valley Cottage Structure Fire
Mutual Aid
61 Lake Road 4/2/12

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Structure Fire
5 Alex Court