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The West Nyack Fire Department is always looking for new members to join and volunteer. Being a volunteer firefighter is a very rewarding and gratifying experience. It is an excellent way to serve, and give back to your community. Being a volunteer firefighter takes time and dedication. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort become a volunteer today!

In order to be eligible for membership as a volunteer firefighter in the
West Nyack Fire Engine Company #1 Inc. an individual must

Be at least 16 years of age. If under the age of eighteen (18) a number of restrictions will be enforced.

Either reside within the West Nyack Fire District or in the immediate vicinity of the Fire District boundaries.

Not be a member of more than one (1) volunteer Fire Company at the same time.

If an individual meets these requirements they will hand in their application and have an interview. (A person having been convicted of arson in any degree shall not be eligible for membership in or appointed to the West Nyack Fire Engine Company #1 Inc.) After the investigation clears the West Nyack Fire Engine Company will review the application which usually takes two months.

Once voted into the Company the new member will be contacted and be submitted to a physical examination.

As a member of the West Nyack Fire Engine Company #1 Inc., you will be required to perform the following:

  • Pass the NY State Firefighter 1 class.
  • Respond to alarms of fire or other emergency situations.
  • Attend drills and training classes.
  • Attend regular monthly meetings.
  • Be of positive moral and ethical attitude.
  • Be a productive member of our team.
  • To be responsible for the proper care of any equipment which you may be issued by the Fire Company of Fire District.

If under the age of eighteen (18) applicants need consent and signature of parent or legal guardian.

What is offered to members of the West Nyack Fire Engine Company #1 Inc.

  • Community service hours.
  • Life and job skills.
  • Access to our gym.
  • LOSAP program.
  • Free town pool passes for qualified members and families.
  • Free annual medical exams.
  • All gear and uniforms provided by the department.
  • College credits.
  • College scholarships.
  • FREE tuition to RCC and reimbursement program for other colleges.
  • Property tax discount for qualified members.
  • Free training, no experience required.

Attending High school and worried about time for the training classes:
Rockland BOCES teaming up with the Rockland County Fire Training Center

  • Get high school credit while attending Rockland BOCES during school hours.
  • Learn all about fire science in the class room and hands on training.
  • Hours earned at BOCES will go towards basic firefighter training and can help new volunteers get their Firefighter 1 certification.
  • Earn college credits.
  • FREE tuition to RCC and reimbursement program for other colleges. EDGE & HERRO Programs.
  • Get more information from Rockland BOCES or read this article from LOHUD.

If interested in joining the West Nyack Fire Department Contact us by:

Stop by the Firehouse
Monday nights at 7:00PM

42 Strawtown Road
West Nyack, NY 10994

Contact Information
Phone: (845) 358-6398

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